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Thanks NOWR!There are some good websites out there providing whitewater paddling and rodeo techniques tips done by some of the best in the world.  

I know. . . I know. . .  They are full of shameless commercial plugs, but I believe the content is worth it.  Hope you find them as informative as I have.

bullet"River Morphology/Safety"
bulletRiver Basics (from Gorp by Bob & Jody Plazer)
bulletRiver Signals (from Gorp by the late William Nealy)
bulletRiver Safety and Classification (from AWA)
bullet"General Paddling/Slalom Techniques"
bulletMadawaska Kanu Centre Paddling Tips
bulletSlalom 101 (from Gorp by NOC)
bulletStroke Basics (from Gorp by Bob Beasly)
bulletEskimo Roll (from Gorp by Paul Dutky)
bulletBob's Tips & Technique (from and by Bob Foote)
bullet"Rodeo Techniques"
bullet (excellent!)
bullet (excellent!)
bulletRodeo 101 (from Gorp by NOC)

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