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There is a lot of Great Paddling within easy reach of Ottawa.   Here is some "Paddle Spots" information for Ottawa and surrounding area:

"Local Paddling Spots"

There is a lot of great whitewater paddling within the National Capital Region. Here are some spots to try:

bullet Metro Ottawa Paddler website (Excellent write-up of paddle spots in town)
bulletOttawa River (Downtown Ottawa):
bullet"The Wall" at Bate Island
bullet"The Centre" below Champlian Bridge near Bate Island
bullet"Desert Wave" at Remic Rapids
bullet"Hog's Back" on the Rideau River
bullet"The Pumphouse" slalom course (aka The "Tailrace")

"Nearly Local Paddling Spots"

There is a lot of great whitewater paddling in Ontario and Quebec within a short drive of Ottawa. Here is a small sample of some of the spots:

bulletGull River, Minden
bulletOttawa River "Main Channel"
bulletPhil's Hole
bulletThe Lorne (a.k.a. Black Chute)r
bulletSpace Shuttle (a.k.a. The Garburator, part of The Lorne)
bulletButcher's Knife
bulletDog's Leg
bulletGatineau River (from

"Not Nearly Local Paddling Spots"

Here are some river guide notes for paddling spots from around the world:

bulletU.S. Rivers from the AWA

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