Alex at MKC. . . The Lorne


The Lorne. . .


"The Lorne (aka Black Chute)" is the first rapid on the Main Channel of the Ottawa River (after the channels split).  

The main tongue of the drop is as smooth as glass until it hits the "Garburator" hydrolic at the bottom. This is a very fast and surfable hydrolic (a.k.a. Space Shuttle). To the right of the top of the tongue is the Washing Machine. Not a pleasant place to be! To the left of the tongue, mid way down, is the rock known as "Moby Dick". After clearing the Garburator, you can exit river left into the eddy, paddle up to the top of Moby Dick and peel out onto the tongue again (known as a "Dick Spin").  

Below Black Chute on river left is a huge ugly hole called "Bus Eater". Yet another unpleasant spot to land in. River right below Black Chute is a surf wave known as "Wa-Ki-Ki".


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