Alex at MKC. . . The Gull River


Gull River (Roger on 1st drip). . .RIVER PROFILE

The "Gull River" is located in Minden Ontario approximately 2.5 hours north of Toronto or 4 hours south west of Ottawa. The site was the home of the Canadian stop on the World Cup Slalom tour in both 1991 and 1993. The OWWA administers and maintains both the adjoining grounds and the white water section of the river.  

The course is approximately 600 metres long and is very narrow. The river ranges from class II to IV.  International races are run with water at the 1,000 - 1,200 c.f.s. level. National and provincial races are run at marginally lower levels. Typical non race levels are in the 400 - 600 c.f.s. range. The river is dam controlled just above the white water section. Each fall around Thanksgiving, the contol dam is released for the winter providing water levels starting at the 1,200 + c.p.s. level. The water levels decrease over the following couple of weeks until the feeder lake reaches its winter level. Possibly the best time of the year to paddle the river.


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