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The "Pumphouse" (now known as "The Tailrace") is located at LeBreton Flats in downtown Ottawa.   Probably the best kept secret in the city.  Well, at least from a paddler's perspective.

The Tailrace is a drainage ditch exiting the turbines of the Fleet Street pumping station flowing back into the Ottawa River.

This venue is a slalom training course, one of the two Canadian whitewater slalom training "centres of excellence".  It has been the site of numerous races of all  competitive levels and hopes to be the site the the Year 2000 Nationals.

While this ongoing development project has been contributed to by the efforts of many many local paddlers and two levels of local government, the driving force behind the initiative is Doug Corkery   Without the years of Doug's relentless efforts, this site would have remained nothing more than a drainage ditch.  We all owe you Doug.  Thanks. . .


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