Alex at MKC. . . Hog's Back


Paul out in the cold. . .RIVER PROFILE

"Hog's Back" is located off Hogbacks Road below Mooney's Bay.

Hog's Back consists of a waterfall, a 200 yard section of rapid and a nice play hole.

The Water Fall story will have to be told by someone else, someone who has actually run it! Soon I hope. . .

The rapid section below the waterfall is approximately class II at high water and a rock garden at low water. There are a lot of nice little eddies to hop on the way down to the bottom of the run. The grade drop is not significant which allows for some attainments to be had at various sections of decent.

The play hole is river left towards to end of the section of rapids. It is present at only high water levels. Even then it is a little too shallow not hit bottom with vertical type moves. There is a fair bit of room to roll up before the drop into a smaller hole below the main one. It is the only play spot in Ottawa that you must work to get out of as opposed to having to work to stay in.

Hog's Back is available for play only at higher water levels in the spring and fall. Access is obtained from the park on the east side of the river. The hike from botton back up to the top takes only about five minutes.


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